Transform your porch into a screened room

Screened porches offer an experience that cannot be found elsewhere. They are the meeting point between home and garden, offering exposure to the elements with the protection and comfort of being indoors. In other words, the best of both worlds.

We can add a screened enclosure can be added to your existing porch or overhang and increase the value of your home while providing comfortable area to enjoy.

Our installation is virtually maintenance free. That’s because we use durable and lasting products for every job.

Benefits Of Screened Rooms

  • Great for Entertaining

    With a screened porch built onto your home, you suddenly have new and innovative opportunities for entertaining without worrying about invading insects or uncooperative weather. The furnishings on the porch can be comfortable enough for guests to enjoy for a satisfying visit. Wicker or rattan furniture with plump and cozy cushions and throw pillows can form a cheerful conversation nook where everyone can gather.

    With enough space on the porch, you can also add a casual dining table, chairs and even a coordinating sideboard for dining pleasure. Don’t forget to add an informal chandelier over the dining table and perhaps a ceiling fan over the seating area for added comfort and illumination.

    Situate a grill just outside the porch door and you have a convenient spot for cooking delicious foods to serve to guests on the porch.

  • Additional Space

    Not only would a screened-in porch provide enjoyable entertaining possibilities, but you can enjoy the additional floor space as well. The extra room for spreading out can turn a cramped home into a more spacious abode during the summer months. You might use the screened porch for hobbies, dining, visiting and just hanging out with a cup of coffee and a good book. The natural setting and sounds that surround you when using the porch can be relaxing and rejuvenating.

  • Natural Lighting

    With the near-outdoor location of a screened-in porch, you can enjoy an increased amount of natural lighting. Even so, you might determine that you’d enjoy even more natural lighting with the installation of skylights in the porch roof. The skylights work effectively by allowing natural light to flood the porch for a heightened outdoor experience.